What has to be done to maintain my human hair system?
Human hair needs to be conditioned on a regular basis to prevent the hair from becoming dry. It will probably need to be colored periodically as human hair fades and lightens. This is definitely best left to a professional.

Is Human hair always the best?
Usually, it is. However, when some gray hair is present, it is best to use synthetic hair for the gray. This way, when the hair needs to be colored, the gray will not be affected. At some point, when the gray is the predominate color, human gray can be used and a synthetic darker color used for the base color.

Can I swim with my hair replacement?
Sure you can. Just make sure the salt or chlorine water is rinsed out well, and condition with a super moisturizing conditioner for 15-20 minutes.

Will it really look natural?
I wish I could post photographs of my clients on this site and I would never have to advertise again. But, I protect my client’s privacy to the extreme. I have had a few clients who I am not so proud of. One was a gentleman is his 70’s who insisted on coloring his own hair black and wanted his replacement hair thick and styled like Elvis. Obviously, common sense did not prevail here.

How much notice should I give you when I need an appointment?
It all depends on how flexible your schedule is. Evenings, mornings and weekends are my busiest times. If you need an appointment during these times, I would suggest at least a week. If you are generally available during the afternoons, a day or so should do it.

What if I need to cancel an appointment or I am running late?
Just give me a call. Since my studio is in my home, I am pretty reasonable. I build in a 15 minute buffer between appointments so clients leaving will not run into clients coming. Of course, if it happens repeatedly, other arrangements will have to be made. For those who find it impossible to be on time or keep scheduled appointments, please let me refer you to one of my competitors. It is very unusual for me to get behind, but if I do, I will call you from a private line to let you know.

I can never seem to save any money. Do you take payments?
Sure. I need one hundred or so to get started, and then I can take payments on the balance. I do not charge interest or have a formal payment plan.

What is it that makes some hair replacements look obvious?
Since I have been in this business going on 18 years, I study hair everywhere I go. There is no one thing that catches my eye. There are the things that catch my eye and make me look harder.
Too much hair: Anytime I see ANYONE, man or woman, with really thick hair, I take a second look. This is especially true on senior citizens.
Color match: When I see two tones of hair on someone’s head, especially a man, I start looking hard. Human hair replacements need to be colored periodically because human hair fades and lightens. Sometimes, people do not get the hair replacement colored or attempt to do this themselves and end up with very dark hair on the replacement.
A good cut: Cutting a hair replacement to blend with growing hair is an art. If it is left too long or not blended well, it’s pretty obvious.

I like my regular stylist. Can I continue to go there?
Sure. The hair replacement can be styled just like any hair. But I would not recommend that your regular stylist cut or color the replacement. That would be like asking your auto mechanic to paint your car while rebuilding the engine.

My hair is just kind of thin and I am looking for a new stylist. Can I come to you for my perms and color?
I wish I had the time and the seating capacity to do more. All of my clients are hair replacement clients. This is my area of expertise.

Who does all the work? I had a new stylist every few months at the last place I went.
Everything is done by me. I do farm out my book keeping and taxes to give me more time behind the chair.

I have a hair replacement that I bought in Minneapolis. Can your service it?